Welcome to Camper Site Sandkvie

Camper site Sandkvie is situated at the southern part of Gotland, between the meadow, the "alvarmark" (bare limestone soil) and the see. Christina and Allan Larsson bids you welcome to a new camper site at the Sandkvie farm in Öja parish, 4 kilometers from Burgsvik and 80 koliometers south of Visby.

The Camper site is situated in a beautiful nature in a very calm area at an old family farm of Gotland. There are nice walking areas in the forest meadows and the adjacent bare limestone soil. There is a 2 kilometers easy walk to reach the sea and the beautiful beach meadows with a rich bird life.

In the Camper site fee the following are included:

The fee is 150 SEK / 15 Euros per night.
For electricity there is an extra fee of 50 SEK / 5 Euros per night.
Only cash.

Dogs and cats are allowed.

Beautiful even in the winter